Traditional Music and Dance from the Ivory Coast

Beautiful African clothes for sale!

Master dancers and brothers, Aboulaye and Adama Kone.

Laurel performs her drum solo as Tim and Ricky play accompaniment.

Djembe stars Papa, Abel and Francis sing the words and then mimic the rhythm on their drums.

Echassier mask dance - Click for video


Francis' djembe solo.

Moha, Adama, Mariame, Saturnin, Aboulaye, and Mariatu get ready to take a bow as they finish their dance solos.

Senin - June 27, 2009

Zaouli mask from the Ivory Coast

Moha Dosso 


Mariame gets some air time during her dance solo!

Satunin looks like he's floating as he dances circles around Abel.



University of Nevada, Reno 

Saturnin and Papa hang out before the show.

 Saturnin, Solo, Moha, Papa and Abel practice the Boloye rhythm before the show.

The Zaouli mask resembles a beautiful woman with a snake and bird atop her head.  Read about the myth here. 

Harvest dance with machetes

Mariatu and Mariame

Adama prepares for his dance solo as Abel matches his steps with beats on the djembe. 

Solo on the dunduns.  Made with cowskin, this drum set keeps the beat and resonates with multiple tones.

Papa and Abel

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