Following is one interpretation of the Zaouli story:

The Goddess Zaouli is a treasured mythical African story about love, jealousy, redemption and compassion.

Zaouli Dj’la Lou is a goddess who comes of age and becomes eligible for marriage. Her father, the Lion, deems only the Bird and the Serpent worthy of her hand in marriage and organizes a race to decide which one will win her.

Rather than rushing to Zaouli after completing the difficult two-day race, the Bird and Serpent seek immediate food and water, ignoring Zaouli and the true intention of the race.

Witnessing her suitors’ selfishness, Zaouli flees into the forest, suffering from a broken heart. Rather than help Zaouli in her time of need, her friend leaves her to die because of her life-long jealousy of the goddess.

Although Zaouli dies in the forest, her spirit returns to her father and disloyal friend, revealing compassion and love rather than hatred and revenge.

Excerpt taken from (accessed 9/14/2010).


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